I thought I’d share our checklist that I run down each time I setup a new Moodle site.   Some of the points and steps in the setup might help someone new to Moodle to get you thinking about how to setup your site.   We’ve rolled this same setup for over 20+ K-12 school districts in Michigan.

This is our basic configuration setup instructions:

We focus on these points when setting up Moodle.  In K-12, being able to integrate with the student information system is of most importance and benefit when a LMS is often seen as an option and not a mandate.  

  • Make login easier by integrating with school accounts (LDAP, Google Accounts)

  • Save teachers time by exporting grades to student information system such as Powerschool.  Look for other benefits like this for teachers.

  • Focus on how a student will go from login to learning and eliminate distractions in that process.  How do they get to learning? (Easy Enrollment plugin)

  • Make it look pretty.  First impressions matter.  Design and refine with purposeful intent. (Fordson theme)

  • Knowledgeable Moodle Administration (Listen to teachers and change Moodle accordingly)

  • Support and on-demand training/professional development

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