We are focused on much more than just a Moodle theme:

  • Fordson Theme – integrate new features and make things look good
  • Easy Enrollment Plugin – get kids into courses quickly from the homepage using enrollment codes like Google classroom
  • iLearn Secure Browser App – A one-of-a-kind chromebook app that allows teachers to secure a quiz and provide a secure testing environment within Moodle. The app runs on Google for Education managed chromebooks making it easy to deploy on thousands of chromebooks in minutes.

We are focused on extending Moodle functionality by changing the page layouts/views/styling and functionality of Moodle with the Fordson theme. We are providing an integrated course enrollment process using 6 digit codes that allows a student to enter the code in a form right on the homepage and instantly be enrolled into the associated course or group. We address teacher concerns on testing by developing the iLearn Secure Browser App which is designed for K-12 users where we might have thousands of managed chromebooks as a Google for Education organization. This is the only secure browser app that we know of that combines a Moodle Restriction plugin with a highly specialized Chromebook App to eliminate cheating for Moodle quizzes and we have built in integration with the Fordson theme on this plugin as well.

This is where we are with our Moodle development.  The latest efforts are centered on the iLearn Secure Browser App and piloting that with our teachers. The results are looking really good! Simple and easy to use. Can be setup and deployed in minutes and training for teachers is as simple as opening up Quiz settings and changing a drop down menu to force students to use the iLearn App when taking the quiz.

Our goal is to provide a simple and easy method to make Moodle function and look better for our users, provide an easy and versatile enrollment method to get students into courses more efficiently, and to make sure we eliminate teacher concerns about cheating on tests.

If you are looking to use Moodle in K-12 for secure testing then there is no better combination than the Fordson theme and the iLearn Chromebook App.  Google for education organizations can deploy our App to thousands of managed Chromebooks in seconds and turn every device into a secure assessment tool with Moodle.

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