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Over the past month, I have been busy creating a few courses that teachers could use right now.  These courses were designed to be imported into a current iLearn(Moodle) course, so they can be edited to fit individual needs, or they can be used just as they are right now.  Let’s take a look at them.

3rd Grade Test Prep Course

3rd grade test prep

In this course, which was built using a third grade test prep program, students can practice taking online tests like the NWEA or the M-Step while utilizing both language arts and math skills.  Students are exposed to a variety of question types, such as essay, click and drag, dropdown, short answer and multiple choice.  The topics include Reading Literature, Reading Informational Text, Language, Writing, Operations and Algebraic Thinking, and Numbers and Operations.  2 more math topics, Measurement and Data and Geometry, will be added later.  The course is a work in progress, as more quizzes are being created regularly.

Watch an overview of the course here:


Math-A-Thon Course

math-a-thon header image

Another available course is the Math-A-Thon course.  This course is a ready-made course that allows students to take timed math fact tests online.  Some features of the Math-A-Thon course are:

  • Each test consists of randomly-generated math facts available in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and a combination of addition/subtraction. No two tests are alike!
  • Tests are automatically graded, with the option of uploading grades right to MiStar.
  • Schools can conduct a school-wide math fact competition that is COMPLETELY PAPERLESS!
  • Quiz setting options allow for differentiation, as course can be copied for each school and settings such as time allowed and number of facts per test can be manipulated to fit each building’s needs.
  • Course includes a practice test for each operation, allowing students to get the hang of taking the test before they actually take it!

Sound good?

If you are interested in more information on either one of these courses, or if you’d like to begin utilizing them, please contact a Tech Coach today!

Originally posted on Dearborn Tech Coaches

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