Self-Assessment and Peer Review

The Workshop Module is one of the most underutilized tools in Moodle.  This teacher uses the Workshop to build student accountability.
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Facilitate Deeper Learning

Moodle helped free this teacher to facilitate deeper learning using the Workshop Module
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Scaffolding and Interventions Using Moodle

See why this teacher uses Moodle for scaffolding and interventions
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My Learning Plan – Moodle and Mahara

Students in several schools are using Moodle & Mahara ePortfolios to create "My Learning Plans".  Both Moodle and Mahara are open source learning tools and is the "magic" behind our learning platform that allows students and teachers to amazing things! Here is a...

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Who knew? The Glossary Activity is Amazing

Moodle is a very versatile tool.  The Glossary is an amazing tool that can be utilized for a variety of practical and fun activities with Students.  Check out this article by Troy Patterson...

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5 Ways for Students to Say Hello

Troy Patterson has published a great article on 5 ways for students to say "Hi" in Moodle.  With so many tools built into Moodle the only limits are your imagination.  If you are looking for a great introduction activity for your new Moodle course then getting the...

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Transfer Grades to MiStar from Moodle

Many Michigan teachers use the MiStar gradebook to share grades with parents and students.  The MiStar student information system is unique to Michigan and there are not a lot of plugins that make putting grades into it easy.  That is not the case with Moodle!  Using...

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An Interview with a K-12 Moodle Superstar!

Original Story Posted on the Tech Coaches Blog The Tech Coaches in Dearborn Public Schools have had the pleasure of working alongside an exceptional teacher at William Ford, Ms. Jazel Fakhreddine.  Jazel is using her Moodle (iLearn) course to help her ELL students and...

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Interactive Timeline Tool

I had been watching this product for awhile and the latest releases are really spectacular.  The H5P plugin for Moodle, Wordpress, and Drupal is an AMAZING plugin that allows teachers to build a variety of interactive experiences for students.  While there is a whole...

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American Sign Language Glossary Videos

Do you want to expose your students to sign language?  Maybe you teach American Sign Language.  Our outstanding teachers have collaborated using Moodle to build a video Glossary of over 140 words.  The videos are hosted on YouTube.  We are sharing this with the Moodle...

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Rubrics Make Grading Fun

As a follow-up to the previous article on Mahara Portfolios, teachers can use rubrics to grade portfolios.  Moodle makes it fun to grade using rubrics because it is point and click to award points in the rubric to the student.  Take a look at this article below which...

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Stash Plugin

Who doesn't like finding hidden items and unlocking secret information!  The Stash plugin for Moodle does just that.  This plugin allows you to put hidden items all over your course to encourage exploration and collection of these items to unlock new areas of the...

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Let students build flashcards

Let students build classroom flashcards using this amazing database preset. Using the Moodle Database activity we were able to create a flashcard building tool in which the students do the work!  Use this preset to allow them to build and share a classroom collection...

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Storytelling for Elementary Students

At the beginning of school you sometimes want to just get to know your students.  Many times we ask the students to write a quick paragraph about their favorite vacation or summer activity.  Moodle can facilitate this and allow students to be creative with photos....

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Build Student Vocab Using the Frayer Model

- Help Students Build Vocabulary Using the Frayer Model We have a lot of fun building cool database presets.  The Moodle Database Activity is a powerful tool for use in the classroom.  With a little bit of know-how you can make impressive experiences for students.  In...

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Pioneer Theme

Pioneer is about exploring new possibilities.  Imagine a teacher uploading a photo to customize the course's cover photo within the theme.  Imagine with the click of a button your students could show and hide their grades right in the course.  Pioneer incorporates...

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Moodle Websites

Find out more information and see how others are using Moodle.

Moodle News and Information

Moodle News and Information

The official Moodle OPen Source Community.  FInd a forum for every topic and aspect of using Moodle

Latest Series: Better Writing and Reflection

Find out more information and see how others are using Moodle.

Part One: Better Writing with Peer Review

This is part one of a series as we will be covering a writing workshop where students peer review using a rubric.  The subject matter is the Declaration of Independence. How do you go about trying to increase writing skills and expose students to writings from peers...
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Part Two: Better Writing with Peer Review

Using H5P plugin for Moodle to Guide Student Writing Check out Part One To begin the writing process we want students to follow a format.  First they must summarize the parts of the Declaration of Independence and then write a paragraph for each section.  H5P is a new...
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Part Three: Student Centered Assessment using Workshop in Moodle

This is part of a series:  Part One  |  Part Two Over the past couple weeks, Dearborn teachers Scott Apple, Marla Wiacek, and Julie Wooton have had their students using the Moodle (iLearn) Workshop module to submit writing and then self- and peer-assess that writing...
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