Avoiding Emergencies by Investing In Yourself

As a district we strive to provide effective and reliable communication with parents.  The keywords being "effective and reliable".  It isn't always the easiest or prettiest or come on an app but it is under our control and it is effective and reliable.  We invest in...

Trifecta of Moodle Plugins to Jumpstart Your LMS

At Dearborn Public Schools we have set out to make going from "login to learning" as easy as possible for students and staff.  We utilize Moodle as our LMS because we are not constrained by contracts, user limits, funding, and other factors that prevent districts...

Micro Credentialing and Micro Certifications

Dearborn Public Schools uses Moodle to deliver training to employees.  We've built a highly customizable and extensive training platform called MyPD that allows employees to complete required certifications and mandatory training.  Badges are awarded upon completion...

Where’s our focus in regards to Moodle development?

We are focused on much more than just a Moodle theme: Fordson Theme - integrate new features and make things look good Easy Enrollment Plugin - get kids into courses quickly from the homepage using enrollment codes like Google classroom iLearn Secure Browser App - A...


Using Moodle in the Classroom


Enhance Moodle Functionality


Moodle Administration and Setup

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Blended Learning For All

Blended Learning For All

It started local and word is spreading... You need to see how Wayne RESA provides Moodle! A unique blend of incredible design and functionality wrapped in powerful services that makes using Moodle district-wide easy, affordable, and a long-term tool teachers can rely...

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Dearborn Moodle Moot 2017

Dearborn Moodle Moot 2017

July 19th and 20th and August 15th and 16th https://moot.dearbornschools.org The Dearborn Moodle Moots focus on actual implementation for YOUR classroom. The first day is instructional. Lots of choice, models and tools are shared. The second day is all about...

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Multilingual Moodle

Multilingual Moodle

Teachers across our district work tirelessly to crush barriers to student learning. Armed with a desire to do whatever it takes, many rightly equip themselves with a tool set that includes technology in order to make themselves extremely effective at...

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The Open Source Learning Stack – Everything your district needs to take ownership of learning

The Open Source Learning Stack – Everything your district needs to take ownership of learning

Experience a fully integrated learning playground where open source powers web conferencing, portfolios, classroom / school websites, and all the bells and whistles that make all of this manageable with limited resources. Be ready to learn about the best open source tools, integration, and experiences learned over the last 10 years of building and using an open source learning stack.

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Test Averages Jump.  Test Anxiety Dropped.

Test Averages Jump. Test Anxiety Dropped.

Read the full story over at the Tech Coaches blog in Dearborn Public Schools At one point, I decided to try something new to force students to have to interact with the material. Instead of spending many hours making the notes and study guides better, more colorful,...

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Moodle Websites

Find out more information and see how others are using Moodle.

Moodle.com Blog

Official Moodle News and Information


The official Moodle OPen Source Community.  FInd a forum for every topic and aspect of using Moodle


Moodle News and Information

Latest Series: Better Writing and Reflection

Find out more information and see how others are using Moodle.

Part One: Better Writing with Peer Review

This is part one of a series as we will be covering a writing workshop where students peer review using a rubric.  The subject matter is the Declaration of Independence. How do you go about trying to increase writing skills and expose students to writings from peers...

Part Two: Better Writing with Peer Review

Using H5P plugin for Moodle to Guide Student Writing Check out Part One To begin the writing process we want students to follow a format.  First they must summarize the parts of the Declaration of Independence and then write a paragraph for each section.  H5P is a new...

Part Three: Student Centered Assessment using Workshop in Moodle

This is part of a series:  Part One  |  Part Two Over the past couple weeks, Dearborn teachers Scott Apple, Marla Wiacek, and Julie Wooton have had their students using the Moodle (iLearn) Workshop module to submit writing and then self- and peer-assess that writing...

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